Leaf of Life Botanicals Review

Plants have the natural potential to cure many problems safely. Many tests and researches have been conducted on this plant to prove its safety. Kratom is a herbal botanical which has many advantages to treat many human health issues.

Kratom is still facing many legality issues in some of the countries, people are more interested in buying kratom from legal places.

Today, we will review one of the kratom vendors which is popular enough to tell on its name, Leaf of Life Botanicals.

This is not only the vendor of kratom but also provide other natural remedies such as Kava, Kanna, and Corydalis, etc.


About Leaf of Life Botanicals

People only buy from the vendors that are selling quality products. If a vendor doesn’t pay heed on quality then the company will not achieve any customers.

Leaf Life Botanicals provides quality with and special discounts altogether.

This vendor provides superior quality kratom varieties to the customers and delivers on time.

Leaf of Life Botanicals emphasize on the quality of kratom products to make their customers satisfied more. This vendor offers many herbal products that can ease users to get more advantages.

Their the packaging doesn’t seem attractive but it’s sealed and packed well to maintain it’s freshness.

What Kratom strains are available at their store?

Leaf of Life Botanical provides many kratom products at their store inclusive of different strains in the form of kratom blends, powder, extracts, and others. Generally, four types of kratom strains are available such as White, red, green, and yellow.

White Kratom Strains

In white vein variety, there are a total of 9 kratom strains which are below:

      Aceh Good Kratom

      White Aceh Kratom’

      White Bali Kratom

      White Borneo

      White Elephant Kratom

      White Enlightened Kratom

      White Horn Kratom

      White Maeng Da Kratom

      White Malay Kratom



Red Kratom Varieties

There are 8 kratom strains which are offered to customers in red strain:

      Red Bentuangie

      Red Aceh Kratom

      Red Dragon Kratom

      Red Bali Kratom

      Red Enlightened Kratom

      Red Borneo Kratom

      Aceh Good Kratom

      Red Maeng Da Kratom

You can further, visit their online store to know more about these kratom strains in detail.

Green Kratom Strains

The varieties come under green kratom strains are:

      Green Malay Kratom

      Green Borneo Kratom

      Green Jongkong Kratom

      Green Hulu Kratom

      Green Bali Kratom

      Green Aceh

      Green Maeng Da

Yellow Kratom Varieties

Yellow kratom strains that they produce are:

      Super Yellow Kratom

      Yellow Aceh Kratom

Kratom Blends

The company offers kratom blends which are below:

      Aceh Zen Kratom Blend

      Pink Bunny Blend

      Pink Maeng Da Blend


Many herbal powders are available at their web store such as Fiji Loa waka kava, Kana and many other extracts are for sale on their web site.

Sometimes, it happens, due to the overwhelming response from customers, some of the products go out of stock in less time. But these products will soon be available, so keep checking their website for latest products. They also have few sample for the customers who want to try something new and different.