Vita Kratom Review

VitaKratom, as far as I know, is the genuine kratom vendor who brought kratom from the native countries of Southeast Asia. Their special kratom powders are more strengthened in different kratom varieties that attract many users having multiple health issues.

Kratom is under the allegations of not providing health benefits but giving more side effects in return. Some people assume it right while others totally deny this fact as they are habitual users of kratom products. However, this battle will end someday but for now, kratom is making their ways in different countries where many scientific types of research trying to prove their point in terms of kratom benefits.

VitaKratom is specialized in Kratom powder for the fact that kratom powder can be utilized in several ways as per user interest. Moreover, some people also tend to make kratom capsules with it easily at home and take kratom’s benefits without its pungent aroma and taste.

The website of any company speaks about the dedication of its vendor and respect for customers. A customer-oriented business always flourishes because in the industry customer is everything. So, taking care of this point, VitaKratom created their website to make any friendly environment for the users and to make interaction possible.

A customer can easily place their order by just giving the details of your address and then go for checkout.

Their kratom products are in almost all varieties like red, green, yellow, and white strains.

Time to time, this website also update their best seller products in kratom powders that are preferred in a specific interval of time. These are:

  • Green Maeng Da powder
  • Green Malay powder
  • Red Horned Powder
  • Red Sumatra Powder
  • Red Thai powder
  • Red Kapuas powder
  • Red Vein Borneo powder

These strains are enclosed in their basic category which can be easily found from their website. These kratom products are 100% natural and purely organic that may list many benefits related to health.

Discounts and kratom samples at VitaKratom

Giving away captivating discounts is a nice way to let your customer know their worth for a supplier and allow them to shop more confidently to feel the difference overall. People continue to buy kratom due to its benefits working for them. But still, they tend to try new kratom strains each time and what could be more than this if they find those free. Free tester samples are a good way for people to identify their type and experience new variety which may work more than the previous.

Allowing discounts is also beneficial for suppliers as it attracts more customers then they will desire to buy more at reasonable prices which will make more revenue for the supplier.

On their website, you will observe there is a panel of offers, from there you can get different discounts which are offered at that time period.

VitaKratom always send free sample pack with each parcel to try different strain every time.

They also have one more offer which involves more buying of products to save more money which means you can buy in bulks at discounted rates.…

Leaf of Life Botanicals Review

Plants have the natural potential to cure many problems safely. Many tests and researches have been conducted on this plant to prove its safety. Kratom is a herbal botanical which has many advantages to treat many human health issues.

Kratom is still facing many legality issues in some of the countries, people are more interested in buying kratom from legal places.

Today, we will review one of the kratom vendors which is popular enough to tell on its name, Leaf of Life Botanicals.

This is not only the vendor of kratom but also provide other natural remedies such as Kava, Kanna, and Corydalis, etc.

About Leaf of Life Botanicals

People only buy from the vendors that are selling quality products. If a vendor doesn’t pay heed on quality then the company will not achieve any customers.

Leaf Life Botanicals provides quality with and special discounts altogether.

This vendor provides superior quality kratom varieties to the customers and delivers on time.

Leaf of Life Botanicals emphasize on the quality of kratom products to make their customers satisfied more. This vendor offers many herbal products that can ease users to get more advantages.

Their the packaging doesn’t seem attractive but it’s sealed and packed well to maintain it’s freshness.

What Kratom strains are available at their store?

Leaf of Life Botanical provides many kratom products at their store inclusive of different strains in the form of kratom blends, powder, extracts, and others. Generally, four types of kratom strains are available such as White, red, green, and yellow.

White Kratom Strains

In white vein variety, there are a total of 9 kratom strains which are below:

      Aceh Good Kratom

      White Aceh Kratom’

      White Bali Kratom

      White Borneo

      White Elephant Kratom

      White Enlightened Kratom

      White Horn Kratom

      White Maeng Da Kratom

      White Malay Kratom

Red Kratom Varieties

There are 8 kratom strains which are offered to customers in red strain:

      Red Bentuangie

      Red Aceh Kratom

      Red Dragon Kratom

      Red Bali Kratom

      Red Enlightened Kratom

      Red Borneo Kratom

      Aceh Good Kratom

      Red Maeng Da Kratom

You can further, visit their online store to know more about these kratom strains in detail.

Green Kratom Strains

The varieties come under green kratom strains are:

      Green Malay Kratom

      Green Borneo Kratom

      Green Jongkong Kratom

      Green Hulu Kratom

      Green Bali Kratom

      Green Aceh

      Green Maeng Da

Yellow Kratom Varieties

Yellow kratom strains that they produce are:

      Super Yellow Kratom

      Yellow Aceh Kratom

Kratom Blends

The company offers kratom blends which are below:

      Aceh Zen Kratom Blend

      Pink Bunny Blend

      Pink Maeng Da Blend


Many herbal powders are available at their web store such as Fiji Loa waka kava, Kana and many other extracts are for sale on their web site.

Sometimes, it happens, due to the overwhelming response from customers, some of the products go out of stock in less time. But these products will soon be available, so keep checking their website for latest products. They also have few sample for the customers who want to try something new and different.

Yellow Kratom strain

Green, Red and White strains of Kratom are famous and well known in the market. People are using it and getting benefits from it. But one more strain of Kratom that is equally beneficial for us is Yellow Kratom strain. It is not that much famous strain but day by day a prominent increase in its users can be seen.

Yellow Kratom Strain:

Yellow Kratom strain is made by a process called photo-oxidation. In this process, the leaves of Green Vein Kratom or White Vein Kratom are dried by the experts. Within 15 – 20 days when the leaves become fully oxidized and dried then they are crushed into the form of Kratom powder.

Effects of Yellow Kratom strain:

Yellow Kratom strain is giving us a lot of benefits. It affects instantly on our body. The best effects of Yellow Kratom are as follow:

  • It helps to relax our mind
  • It boosts up our energy
  • It assists us to become more social
  • It helps to relieve pain
  • It elevates our mood
  • It makes us feel active and concentrated
  • It improves our sleep

Difference between Yellow Kratom and other strains:

There are two main prominent differences between Yellow Kratom and other strains.

The first difference is that it is more effective and stronger than other strains. It acts quickly on our body.

Secondly, the effects of yellow Kratom strain are long-lasting. They stay with us for a long time. They will not last just for a few hours.

Consuming Yellow Kratom:

Yellow Kratom can be consumed in many different ways. It depends upon your choice and tolerance level.

The first common way for taking this Kratom is adding it in food. You can add and enjoy the effects of Kratom. Although adding other strains of Kratom will not give you instant effects but adding Yellow Kratom will quickly affect you body.

Another way is to make Kratom tea. In this way, you just have to boil Kratom powder or leaves just for 30 – 35 minutes. Then you can enjoy the health benefits of this Kratom. It is a good way as you can enjoy your tea as well as get benefited from Kratom. It is the best idea for tea lovers.

People also use it by mixing in juice. You can mix it in your banana, grapefruit, orange juice or lemonade.

You can also take this Kratom by Toss and wash method. In this method, you just have to take a measured amount of Kratom in your mouth. Then you can drink water or juice to take it in. If you don’t like the bitter taste of Kratom then avoid this method.

Some people have also seen smoking this Kratom. Smoking Kratom is not a good idea. It is not good for our health as well. Therefore smoking of Kratom should be avoided.


It is a highly potent strain, therefore, its dose should be measured wisely. Try to stay in between 2 – 5 grams. It will give you the best effects as well as it will keep you away from side effects.

Purchasing of Yellow Kratom:

Only a few stores are selling this Kratom online. Try to buy this Kratom from a trustable as well as reputed store. Some stores are selling it but either with high rates or low quality. Try to stay away from them.…

Differences between MaengDa and Bali Kratom

The two most famous strains of kratom are not less from each other in their popularity and demand but these are entirely different in many aspects.

If one is extremely potent then the other is very strong and powerful.

If one is more long-lasting then the other is more fast-acting.

If one acts as a stimulator then other works as a great pain killer and energy booster. But this is not over, the list of the differences are still remaining that makes them entirely different and clear the misconception of homogeneity between them.

  • Difference in Dosage

After analyzing the effects and their duration, the next most important thing is still on its way to discuss. That important point is the difference in the dosage of both strains. The potential and the effects of the specific strain describes the dosage that is required.

If the effects and the potency level is different then the dosage will also be different that might vary from person to person.

Maeng is said to be the strongest strain, so, the strain will start its work even at low dosage. 2 grams of Maeng Da will be enough to experience the visible effects.

New kratom users should start using Maeng Da from 1.5 to 2 grams of dosage as it is considered as low dosage. This strain works more efficiently when taken on an empty stomach.

But with the passage of time and experience, the amount of intake can be increased but slowly not immediately. It can be increased to 10 grams maximum which is the highest level of dosage and risky too.

To kill the severe body pains and to relax the mind and body, a higher amount of Maeng Da is required to be consumed.

The initiating effects of Bali Kratom can be felt at a dosage of 2 to 4 grams. Then a user will be able to feel proper effects. The moderate dosage of Bali Kratom is said to range from 4 to 8 grams.

There is another form of Bali which is Premium Bali and it is a highly potent form of Bali. it requires less amount of dosage, usually from 1 to 1.5 grams, to feel the same effects as Bali Kratom.

  • The difference in the Side Effects

In general, there are no side effects of kratom. But only if it is consumed in the right amount which suits a person’s needs. If the dose intake is within limits and proper guidelines then there is no chance of experiencing any side effects.

The extreme high dosage may bring side effects which above 10 grams.

The overdose in case of both strains is different because one is stronger than the other. Moreover, a person might feel some allergic reaction and some side effects like nausea and dizziness when he starts kratom for the first time.

  • Prices of both strains

Both strains are not expensive when compared. Some unique and premium strains are higher in prices. Maeng Da and Bali kratom are available in both powder and capsules. These are easily available at online stores at reasonable prices along with fringe benefits like discounts and promotional deals. But the capsules are more expensive than the powder form.…

Why Moon Kratom is Regarded as the Best Kratom Vendor

Kratom business has gained groundbreaking popularity for the last three decades. Millions of people prefer Kratom because of its therapeutic effect. Kratom helps in chronic pain relief, reduces stress, boosts energy, fights anxiety and nootropic assistance. It comes in various forms that include capsules, powder or extract.

However, it’s very tricky to find a reliable vendor. This is even more than a challenge for new users. In fact, some deal with contaminated Kratom-related products that are of low quality. Moon Kratom is not only a dependable but also a reputable vendor. If you want excellent Kratom products, they could be your perfect choice. Let’s see why Moon Kratom is regarded as the best vendor.

Quick Response and Contact

Unlike other vendors, Moon Kratom has been known for its quick feedback when it comes to giving services. The process of contacting them is very easy and straightforward for everyone. They use advanced ways to ensure you access their products. You can use their active email, call or message them any hour you need their services and products. Also, they have a favorite Facebook Page that serves many users globally. Anytime you ask them questions, they’ll respond within a few minutes without delay. Therefore, keeping in touch with them is effortless.

Remarkable Reputation

Moon Kratom has gained popularity among most people. This shows how reputable they are. Their image is remarkable and something to talk about. One thing that has contributed to this is their fantastic customer services. Their team will any sort of a question you ask with no hesitation. The second factor is the variety of products they provide to customers. From them, you will obtain Meang Da Kratom, White Bali, Red Bali among others. Another factor is the cleanliness and quality of their goods. Their products are of high quality and great value in the hearts of consumers. Thanks for their promising services that include fast delivery and free shipping.

Promising Customer Service

More appreciation that has come from customers is all about their services. Their strategy works well from the word go, thus giving out remarkable services. They will advise you on how to use Call Kratom, their benefits, dosage, and side effects. This is to ensure satisfaction to every customer who visits them. Via their email, you can contact them with no struggle. Moreover, they provide money back guarantee to their customers whenever their products have an issue. Either it’s due to the expiry period, problems with quantity or packaging, they will deal with that to ensure no loss to the involved customer.

Quality products and affordable prices

Quality is all what a consumer needs. The products must give positive results if they are of great quality. If not, then the consumers will turn to their vendors. However, with Moon Kratom tag, everything is incredible. What they offer speaks for itself. Their products are natural, free from chemical and potent. I once used their products to treat my chronic pain problem and I can tell you I experienced dramatic results. They make sure that the quality is proportional to the price thus a competitive price.

Final thoughts

Think about various factors that a vendor should have. Whether it’s about good customer services, quality products, reputation, and quick response and feedback, Moon Kratom is the best. Choose them to enjoy the best deals. Everything done by them is exceptional. Try them today, and you’ll thank me later.…

Which Kratom Strains Can be used for Effective Treatment of Anxiety

In the fast pace era of today, many people around the world are looking for perfect medications which can help them treat health issues like anxiety in an effortless manner. However, there are many chemical medications prescribed by doctors for the treatment of anxiety, but still, people prefer to go for Kratom and its different strains.

The reason found behind the preference of different Kratom strains over chemical medications is their capability to give a high sedation effect which in result help in effective treatment. Be that as it may, individuals still are not ready to get their ideal outcomes from such compound prescriptions as their belongings are impermanent and are of a brief timeframe period. Then again, individuals who have begun the utilization of different Kratom strains accessible in the market can show signs of improvement results when contrasted with the use of compound meds.

The explanation for it is the gigantic measure of alkaloids present in Kratom strains, which helps in loosening up the cerebrum muscles which in result drop down the uneasiness levels and make you peaceful in an easy way. On the off chance that you have to think about the best Kratom strains which you can use so as to successfully treat your uneasiness issues, you unquestionably have gone to the perfect spot.

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about which Kratom strains can be used for the effective treatment of anxiety and other related health issues.

Hulu Kapuas Kratom

This Kratom strain likewise has a high measure of alkaloids present in it, which adequately helps in letting down the uneasiness levels and leaving the individual tranquil. This ability of this Kratom strain bringing down the uneasiness levels makes it pain relieving and euphoric in a compelling way. This Kratom strain can likewise be utilized for physical unwinding and help with discomfort.

Vietnamese Kratom

This Kratom strain is viewed as one of the new strains accessible in the market for the treatment of uneasiness. It is picking up a ton of ubiquity among the general population who are utilizing this Kratom strain for the compelling treatment of uneasiness. This Kratom strain is typically found in the backwoods which are watered by the Mekong River.

It has a high number of alkaloid present in it which is said to be ideal for the powerful treatment of nervousness alongside the state of mind elevate and physical unwinding. There are a few people who think about this Kratom blogger strain as a strain which isn’t ground-breaking enough to viably treat individuals who are experiencing tension. In any case, as a general rule, the image is an incredible inverse.

Red Bali Kratom

This Kratom strain is considered among a standout amongst the best strains, which is utilized by individuals for the powerful treatment of nervousness. Individuals want to utilize this nervousness strain because of high calming impact just as a monstrous number of alkaloids present in it. Alongside giving a high steadying impact, it can likewise make the individual experiencing nervousness quiet in an easy way.

This Kratom strain can be utilized in case, powder or concentrate structure so as to get the best outcomes. Additionally, individuals can likewise utilize this Kratom strain for getting help in endless torment or some other sort of agony in the human body. This Kratom week strain can easily make the patient rest for quite a while period, which in result viably treat a wide range of torment and tension.…

What is the Right Dosage for Kratom?

Nowadays, we are seeing a great hype in people for the usage of Kratom due to its numerous benefits. People around the world are using Kratom for treating different health problems which include chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety and many others. They are getting effective results in such medical conditions by the usage of Kratom. The question which arises here is that many people don’t have the exact idea about the right amount of dosage, which they need to take in order to get their desired results.

Well, people should know that Kratom is certainly not a prescription medicine like other medications which are prescribed by the doctors. This is the reason why it doesn’t have any exact dosage, which people need to take. Here you also need to know that the dosage of Kratom completely depends on a person:

  • Body weight
  • Tolerance level
  • Biochemistry
  • Height
  • Diet
  • Metabolic activity
  • Medical history

Here in this post, I am going to share the right amount of dosage which you need to take in different forms of Kratom like capsules and Kratom extracts. In this manner, you will be able to get a clear idea about the dosage you need to take of Kratom to get your desired results.

Let us discuss the right amount of Kratom extracts dosage, which people need to take for effective results.

Kratom Threshold Dosage

This is considered to be the initial stage of taking Kratom for the treatment of different health issues. You need to take 1g of Kratom powder in this extract form of Kratom. This dosage is highly recommended to the people who are just going to start taking Kratom.

Low Dosage of Kratom

A low dosage of Kratom means you need to take around 2-3g of Kratom. The low dosage of Kratom is suitable for people who need to get a modest amount of energy to perform any kind of work in an effective manner. I being a person who needs to do chores on a daily basis take this amount of low dosage of Kratom in order to restore my energy to perform chores.

Moderate Dosage of Kratom

This amount of dosage is favorable for the person who is taking Kratom on a daily basis. Like for instance for people who are suffering from muscular pain and anxiety need to take this amount of dosage to get instant and effective results.

Strong Dosage

Strong dosage is usually taken by people who like to deeply feel the sedative and analgesic effect of Kratom. For a strong Kratom dosage, you need to take 6-9g of Kratom. This amount of dosage is recommended to people like me who are suffering from health issues like insomnia, excruciating chronic pain, and depression.

Kratom Capsules Dosage

Kratom capsules are considered to be the best form of Kratom, which is getting popularity among people due to its ease of use and no bitter taste. If you are starting Kratom capsules for the first time you need to take 4-7 pills in order to get a euphoria effect. In order to increase the euphoria effect, you can increase the dosage of the capsule to 7-11 pills respectively…


Things to Know Before Buying Kratom


Kratom leaves can be chewed while fresh or can be dried up and crushed to form a powder. For easy consumption, you can mix the powder with water or other drinks like milk or fruit juice. Also, kratom can be made into small pellets which can be swallowed or dissolved in hot water and consumed as a tea. You can buy any form of kratom to enjoy the positive energy that it brings, having in mind that all kinds have the same effect. However, before purchasing kratom, there are several things that you should know. On top of that, we will also list down benefits of buying kratom to keep you motivated.

You Must Be Ready To Fight

  • Every kratom user is fighting to ensure that re kratom stays legal. Hence before buying kratom you should be ready to accept the responsibility of helping everyone using kratom to fight to keep it legal.
  •  If you are not aware, then you should comprehend that there’s a movement aiming to discontinue the distribution of Kratom. Also, you should always remember that they are people benefiting mentally and psychically and need kratom.
  •  You should be ready to join other users and educate people on the benefits of go buy kratom once you experience them to ensure that kratom remains legal.

Be Keen and Don’t Give Up

  •  As you buy kratom, be ready to enjoy the wellness lifestyle. However, you should be keen to avoid buying uncontaminated Kratom. Notably, this can be achieved through communication with your vendor and ranging their willingness to refund if you are not satisfied.
  • In case you do not buy the right kratom strain at the beginning, try purchasing different strains, and you will find one that will suit you.

The Benefits of Buying Kratom

1) Helps To Reduce Poor Sleep Patterns

If you are suffering from abnormal sleeping patterns, then kratom will help. At higher doses, it has a seductive effect which allows your body to fall into a deep sleep for a long time and remain asleep. Kratom will enable you to regulate your sleep better and hence improve your ability to function properly during the day.

2) Acts as Anti-inflammatory

Kratom helps people to reduce inflammation in some conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. The importance of reducing inflammation is to avoid creating more stress in the muscles and bones. By using 3 to 6 grams of kratom regularly, you can minimize the inflammation and enable your body to recover. Kratom also can reduce pain levels and reduce swellings giving the body a better chance to heal.

3) Enhances your Ability to Lose Weight

Kratom helps you as the user to regulate your appetite since it can interact with hypothalamus in our brains. Kratom users can tell when to stop eating. These effects can enable obese people to reduce their appetite and hence eat fewer calories.

In conclusion, buy kratom and enjoy its numerous benefits on a daily basis.…