Ultrasound Technician Requirements

Before making a decision about which post-secondary educational program to attend, a prospective student should check out ultrasound technician requirements. Each school may have different admissions criteria, and it’s important to understand what they are before applying.

Most schools now have an online presence, and this makes it easy to find out what the specific requirements for an ultrasound technician program. It’s a good idea to make notes while reviewing the web site to find out the following:

Amount of application fee, if any
How to get an application form (they may be downloadable from the web site)
Whether the applicant must pass an entrance exam
Minimum educational requirements for consideration (high school, Associate’s degree in a related field, Bachelor’s degree)
Background check (criminal record and/or drug screening) requirements

In a situation where the program is open to graduates of a related or “allied health” program, the school web site should set out the criteria that the other program must meet. The school may use the criteria set by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). This organization defines an allied health program as follows:

A program that runs for 24 consecutive calendar months; or
60 semester credits; or
84 quarter credits; and
Includes a mandatory clinical component or externship to complete the program

Admissions Deadline

As part of the process of checking out ultrasound technician requirements, a prospective student should find out what the admissions deadline is. Some schools will consider applications year-round, while others have specific times when they are actively taking them.

Start Dates

Prospective students should also find out when the program starts. Some school offer a fall start, while others have programs starting more than once a year. Knowing the start date will also help students who are interested in applying for financial aid to have funding in place before classes start.

Entrance Exam

In a case where a school requires applicants to complete an entrance exam before being admitted, a prospective student needs to know what exam format will be (multiple choice, case study, etc.) and what the passing grade is. A person considering attending the school will also want to know whether he or she will be able to take the exam again if a passing grade is not obtained the first time the test is completed.

Pre-admission Interview

A pre-admission interview may be required for applicants to certain programs. This is the last ultrasound technology requirement that a prospective student must complete before being admitted to the school. Before attending the interview, a prospective student should ask how long the appointment will be and who he or she will be meeting with.

A person who takes the time to learn about ultrasound technician requirements before starting a program will be able to find one that will be a good fit for his or her career goals.

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