Ultrasound Technician License Verification

Many employers interested in hiring people for ultrasound technician positions want to consider candidates who are licensed. A person who has successfully passed the exam administered by ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography) is licensed and ready to present credentials to any employer.

An employer may well take steps to verify whether an applicant or an existing employee has completed the requirements required to become licensed. The ARDMS web site allows employers to verify credentials of job applicants by providing the following lists:


  • Directory of Registrants
  • Directory of Retired Registrants
  • Sanction List
  • Persons No Longer Certified


Ultrasound technicians who are currently certified with the organization are issued an identification card. Newly licensed ultrasound techs receive a temporary card indicating that they are now registered with ARDMS. The card also indicates the credentials the individual holds. This card is valid until December 31 of the year the license was obtained. To receive a permanent card, the holder must pay the annual fee to ARDMS.

Existing registrants who don’t pay the annual fee before December 31 will lose their credentials. As of March of 2011, the fee is $60 to retain a license.

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