Things To Know About Ultrasound Technician Equipment

Fully trained ultrasound technicians use specialized equipment as part of their job duties. Performing an examination involves using a transducer to transmit sound waves into the patient’s body. These waves bounce of the internal organs and send images back to the ultrasound technician. To enable the transducer to move easily across the area being examined, the ultrasound technician applies a special gel before the procedure starts.

The technician examines the images produced by the ultrasound test on a computer screen. He or she takes certain measurements, depending on the instructions received from the doctor ordering the test. The ultrasound equipment can take still photographs, if required, and the technician is responsible for evaluating the image quality to ensure that it can be read by a physician without much difficulty.

In some cases, the physician orders tests that require the ultrasound technician to capture images on videotape. The technician will direct the patient to move into the position which will help to get the clearest pictures of the area being examined.

Along with operating the ultrasound equipment, the technician’s job description also includes maintaining it. When the machine needs to be serviced, the technician will arrange for someone to come to the hospital or clinic to deal with the situation.

Maintaining patient records, either in a paper format or electronically, is also part of an ultrasound technician’s job. If the records are being stored on a computer, the technician must be able to use the specialized software the employer has selected for this purpose.

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