Prepare for an Ultrasound Technician Exam

The next step for who have successfully completed the educational requirements to become an ultrasound technician is to write the certification exam. Ultrasound techs working in the U.S. would write an exam administered by ARDMS (American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography).

Before writing the licensing exam, a new ultrasound technician should visit the ARDMS web site to check out the resources offered there. The site offers a number of tips to make the experience successful for those people writing the exam. Since these exams are administered at a designated site, the person writing the test is advised to do a dry run to make sure that he or she knows where the testing site is located and how long it will take to get there. Anyone writing an ultrasound certification exam is required to arrive at the testing facility 30 minutes before the test for registration purposes, and this fact must be considered when preparing to write the test.

ARDMS offers a number of specialized exams, and ultrasound technicians can review content outlines for various ones. Clicking on the relevant link on the web site reveals the topics for questions that may be asked on the exam and where the person writing this test should focus his or her attention.

Another type of resource available to people who will be writing the ultrasound technician exam is examples of questions that may be asked on the exam. Reviewing this part of the ARDMS web site provides the ultrasound tech with valuable information about the way questions on the exam may be structured.

When the ultrasound tech feels ready to take the certification exam, an important step in the process is to complete a practice test first. The practice exams offered by ARDMS give the ultrasound tech the opportunity to work with the same type of software as is used for the official test. A fee is charged for taking a practice exam, but this is money well spent if it means the technician will be better able to achieve a passing grade on the official certification exam.

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