Interview with a sonographer: Meet Michael Premium

This is the second part in our series of interviews with other ultrasound technicians. This time I’m interviewing Michael Premium, an ultrasound technician from central Ohio. He’s got insights of his own to share and I hope you find what he has to say to be valuable as well. Ross: I really appreciate you taking […]

Interview with an Ultrasound Technician: Meet Natalie Gerhard

Here we are again with the latest installment in our series of interviews with ultrasound technicians. This time we’re going to talk to Natalie Gerhard. She’s very new to the field of sonography and I thought her insights would be helpful to others who are just getting started as well. Ross: Thank you, Natalie, for […]

Interview with an Ultrasound Technician: Meet Juanita Dunkin

Welcome back, friends. Today we have another addition to our ongoing series of interviews with ultrasound technicians. This time I’m speaking to Juanita Dunkin, a long-time sonographer with extensive experience in the field. Ross: Hi, Juanita. I’d like to thank you again for taking part in our interview series. Could you start by telling us […]

What Kind of Technology is Used in the Ultrasound Field?

Ultrasound technicians are trained to use diagnostic imaging equipment to conduct examinations on patients. This technology uses sound waves to produce images of a patient’s internal organs. To capture the images, the technician uses a hand-held device that he or she moves over the part of the patient’s body being examined. To help it glide […]

Ultrasound Technician Background Checks

A person who is interested in working as an ultrasound technician must be prepared to undergo a background check. Anyone involved in patient care will be screened for a criminal record and may need to undergo a drug test before being allowed to take classes at a post-secondary institution or the check may be performed […]

Ultrasound Technician Grants

If you are looking for ultrasound technician grants, you have a number of sources of information available. One of the most basic ones is to check out the financial aid offered by the school you have applied to or are considering. By contacting the financial aid office, you can get information about scholarships and grants, […]