How to Become a Carcass Ultrasound Technician

Not all people working as ultrasound technicians work on human patients. There is a market for trained professionals to capture images of purebred calves for breeders. A person who is interested in this type of work must first learn the basics of operating the equipment, and then must meet the requirements for certification by the Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC).

The certification process is a relatively simple one: the ultrasound technician is required to scan 20 head of cattle, and then repeat the process with the same head in a random order. The 40 images are then examined by experienced personnel to determine whether the required landmarks are clearly visible. If the individual reviewing the images has to guess about what the image shows too often, he or she will fail the test.

An individual who successfully passes the test will be spending a good part of his or her time on the road traveling to visit clients who wish to have their purebred cattle scanned before being harvested.

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