Core Classes Needed for Ultrasound Technician

Taking core classes needed for ultrasound technician program is an essential part of getting training for this career. An individual can start the process by making sure that he or she takes courses in algebra, physics and science in high school.

Some schools offering ultrasound technician programs offer prerequisite courses to students who need to complete them before starting to work on their Associate’s degree program. Examples of these prerequisite courses include:

Anatomy & Physiology
Essential Medical Bioscience
Ultrasound Basic Physics & Instrumentation
Ultrasound Cross-Sectional Anatomy

A student enrolled in prerequisite courses will likely take one at a time until he or she has satisfied the entry requirements for the Associate’s degree program. If a student fails one of these courses, it must be repeated before he or she will be admitted to the program. The prerequisite courses do not count as credits toward an ultrasound technician degree.

Associate’s Degree Courses

An Associate’s degree program will include courses in the following:

Equipment Use and Maintenance
Medical Laws and Ethics
Medical Terminology
Patient Care
Ultrasound Principles

The program will also include a clinical component. This mandatory part of the program gives students the opportunity to get practical experience. During this time, they work under the supervision of experienced instructors to learn how to operate and maintain the equipment they will use on the job.

Bachelor’s Degree Courses

Individuals who choose to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program will take courses similar to the following:

Advanced Patient Care Issues & Case Studies
Advanced Methods – Vascular Sonography
Advanced Topics in Sonography
Components of Healthcare Financial Management
Medical Imaging In the Digital Environment
Medical Imaging Leadership & Organizational Management
Sonographic Specialties Studies
Trends in Sonography

Students who choose a Bachelor’s degree program will also take a number of general education courses. The first year will be spent on these courses, and the core classes needed for ultrasound technician will start in the student’s second year at the college or university.

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